Letter: A Man-Made Climate Catastrophe


So Skip Hellewell (A Higher Source of Guidance, Aug. 12, 2022) thinks “some questions in life are so complex as to be unknowable”, and for that reason he feels we should ignore the vast majority of scientists who are warning of the impending man-made climate catastrophe and turn to God for guidance.

If this type of thinking weren’t so dangerous it would be funny. Are there other areas of complex science that you don’t believe in, Skip, or is this the only one? And which God should we turn to for guidance, yours or just anyone’s? Do you, as a “spiritual” person not see the priceless irony in your statement, “much of what a society believes is unproven and possibly untrue”? Have you ever stopped to think that all religious teaching, by its very nature, is unproven and almost certainly untrue?

I look forward to the day when you have the courage to “not take part in the lie”. There’s meaning in that.

Tom Tayeri, Three Arch Bay

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