Letter: A Message to the Mayor

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In response to Bob Whalen, another feckless leader to go along with our superintendent of schools, Jason Viloria- both of you need to sack up and fight back.

Bob wants us to “support our local restaurants by ordering takeout and our local merchants by ordering online.” According to ABC 7, less than 4% of all infections in Los Angeles County are a result of outdoor dining. Why don’t you support the restaurants and barbers and hair salons by fighting back against Gruesome Newsom- who cavorts around like most politicians in a natural state of Hypocrisy and demonization of the human spirit.

Jason Valoria has had us out of school since March even though on the CDC website—the amount of students and teachers infected is a minuscule part of the entire population of our schools. We have the resources, the outdoor space, the willingness of her students. But for some reason, we do not have the support of the school board, or the unions and most importantly, Jason Viloria.

Nobody is standing up for our children. Nobody is standing up for our restaurant or business owners. Nobody is standing up in our community.

The repercussions of lockdowns and students being out of school and the lack of socialization is much more dire than the coronavirus itself for most people.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves embarrassed of your actions which continue to yield no results. We will all look back on this time in history and wonder why we didn’t take a stand. It’s time for new leadership.

Mark Foley, Laguna Beach

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