Letter: A Sincere Plea to Peter Blake


During a recent City Council meeting, Peter Blake screamed his “big lie” at fellow councilmember Toni Iseman. You are a liar. You know you are a Liar. Liar, Liar shouted Blake as he raged out of control.

Toni has been verbally assaulted by Blake since his first day on the 2018 campaign and while sitting on the council. Residents are attacked by Blake if they utter an opinion not in lockstep agreement with Liberate Laguna, the developer-funded PAC that spent a lot of money to support Peter during the 2018 election.

In fact, many residents refuse to testify on important city issues in fear of being insulted at public meetings. His vulgar emails are shocking. He uses words when he leaves phone messages that I suspect most residents have never uttered.

Finally, the council censured Peter Blake by a 4-1 vote for his aggressive, misogynist and out-of-control conduct. Peter is the most hostile, angry person Laguna has ever experienced on our council. At the meeting following Blake’s censure, Iseman said out loud what many of us who have been Blake targets in the past believe. Ironically, Blake’s tirade following her admission is confirmation that he is out of control and her fear is justified.

Why can’t the City stop Blake’s behavior? He is turning the City Council meetings into Laguna’s version of the Jerry Springer show.

A sincere plea to Peter Blake: Laguna deserves civility at our council meetings. Make suggestions to improve Laguna. Get engaged in council deliberations. Get along with your peers and the residents of our town. It’s OK to advocate for your developer supporters. But can’t you do it civilly and constructively?

Armando Baez, Laguna Beach


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