Letter: A Swing of The Pendulum

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The only level of government whose sole responsibility is to look out for local Laguna Beach residents is the Laguna Beach City Council. County, State and Federal governments have wider responsibilities.

And Laguna Beach residents are the only people who can vote for Laguna Beach councilmembers.

Corporations and PACS like Liberate Laguna can’t vote. They can only throw a lot of money around, sling mud and try to influence votes.

But only you can vote for councilmembers, who are supposed to work for you, the Laguna Beach resident.

The current City Council, and the clearly stated intentions of the real estate developer and commercial property owner-funded Liberate Laguna PAC, are planning to spend your tax dollars on things like the proposed parking structure which will mainly benefit a handful of powerful and connected local commercial building owners and to facilitate intense developments that will bring more visitors to town and increase traffic and congestion.

You pay a lot of tax to live in Laguna Beach. For what you pay in taxes, you the residents should be getting exceptional levels of services from the city and be protected from the negative impacts of all the visitors. Do you feel you are?

The Council pendulum has swung too far to the benefit of visitors and the businesses that are here primarily to feed off the visitors and to bring even more visitors and more traffic to town.

It is in your power to correct this swing of the pendulum by voting for candidates who will represent residents in this election. 

I plan to support George Weiss because he will put the interests of residents ahead of those special interests. He will be a rational and civil voice on City Council. He is not beholden to special interests and has a strong record of supporting the needs of Laguna residents.

John Thomas, Laguna Beach

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  1. Thank you John. Clearly LB Voters have to decide whether they want developers to control our town (Liberate Laguna PAC and their paid for public officials Peter Blake, Sue Kempf and now Bob Whalen and Larry Nokes) catering only to tourist or vote for trusted resident candidates Flores and Weiss who care about residents rights, community and quality of life.

    Vote November 3 and say NO to Liberate Laguna endorsed Candidates! Otherwise say goodbye to our beautiful town and all it has offered residents who have called it home for generations. Our City Council and our town will be owned and operated by developers targeting only the tourism market.


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