Letter: Abortion Hypocrisy a Bit Rich


There is a saying in the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand, where when you call someone’s criticism “a bit rich”, you mean that they themselves are guilty of the same fault. That’s exactly how I would describe the “outrage” over the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, which effectively returned the issue of abortion to the individual states to determine.

All the recent “outrage” in the recent Laguna rally defending abortion rights exclaiming “my body, my choice” made me remark on the stark hypocrisy. Presumably many in attendance at the rally were the same ones that tried to shame people for not getting the COVID-19 “vaccinations”, wanting to create a two tier system of access to our civil liberties of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. (Well they aren’t really vaccinations as they don’t prevent you from getting COVID-19, so more like a flu shot than a true vaccine.)

Apparently the “my body, my choice” maxim only applies when the left wants it to apply, otherwise the same maxim would have been equally echoed for COVID-19 vaccinations. How many people lost their jobs, their livelihoods, because they refused the experimental, rushed to market jab? How many people decried the “loss of freedom” over mandatory vaccinations? The LB Indy stated in its July 1 article (in a fair amount of opinion vs. objective reporting) that people at the rally shouted “abortion” to “destigmatize the word and help people recognize that it is a fundamental medical procedure.” What? Abortions are elective. Like plastic surgery, also an elective medical procedure. Last time I checked pregnancy (except in the case of rape, the woman’s physical health or birth control/condom malfunction) is completely elective and avoidable. You have sex, you risk pregnancy.

If you want to avoid pregnancy, get birth control, use a condom, or abstain. It’s not a “fundamental medical procedure.” I frankly was surprised by the SCOTUS ruling. I thought the ruling would roll back the second trimester ruling based on viability of the fetus, given the state of medical advances since Roe was decided. Either way, the hypocrisy is not lost on many of us. It’s a bit rich.

Jennifer Zeiter, Laguna Beach

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  1. Ms. Zeiter it seems that the natural empathy that humans have for those less fortunate than ourselves does not seem to be one of your strong points. However, I suspect if your 10 year old daughter were raped by a man as happened in Indiana you might feel differently about abortion. Thanks to you “holier than thou” people “The Handmaids Tale“ is now a reality.

  2. Chris Catsimanes, please get your facts straight. First are you a man or a woman? Why would you use the argument of rape when that statistically is so small of a reason. This explains your lack of an argument. If that is all you have, you should apologize to the author.
    Additionally, the argument is to have the same rules apply, if it is my body, then it is my choice insert issue here.

    Percentage Reason
    <0.5% Victim of rape
    3% Fetal health problems
    4% Physical health problems
    4% Would interfere with education or career
    7% Not mature enough to raise a child
    8% Don't want to be a single mother
    19% Done having children
    23% Can't afford a baby
    25% Not ready for a child
    6% Other

  3. Hi Chris – I guess my empathy extends more to a baby being torn limb by limb in a late term abortion from the mother’s womb (or is it birth person’s womb now?). Maybe one can be in agreement with first trimester abortions, especially those instances involving rape, incest, substantial deformities, maybe even a one time “oops.” But the left wants to extend abortions all the way up to full term, when viability for a pre-term baby exists at 22 weeks. Only exception in my opinion in later terms should be for when the mother’s physical health is in extreme danger.
    As for the 10 year old recently discussed in the news (Indiana/Ohio), who allegedly was raped by a 27 year old illegal immigrant from Guatemala, this should be one of the exceptions, in my opinion. But it appears there is much more to the story, including that the mother of the 10 year old appears to also be pregnant with this man’s child and the mother is apparently defending the rapist. Surely there is more to this story……but either way a true tragedy for that young girl.
    But we all know that the far majority of abortions are purely elective, as a form of birth control. Last time I checked, pregnancy is largely preventable. You have voluntary sex, you get pregnant, take responsibility for your actions. That’s not holier than thou, that’s taking individual responsibility, something sorely missing in today’s society.

  4. Ms. Zeiter: This is pointless back and forth but why is the mother’s alleged defence of the rapist of a ten year old child have anything to do with the issue? Does that mitigate the rape? Be serious! Would you want your ten year old daughter to be forced to carry a have a child by a rapist? Your empathy for the child reminds me of the tiresome phrase of “thoughts and prayers” we so often hear after mass killings.

  5. Ms. Zeiter:The sentence should read “ Would you want your ten year old daughter to be forced to carry a child of a rapist?”.

  6. Good Grief Mr. Catsimanes, did you not read Jennifer’s response at all? you are still going on with your liberal rhetoric when she already answered you. This is why I don’t believe this is a government issue at all but a private and personal one based on all the division that surrounds it plus the fact that gov makes a great deal of $$$ off of abortion. So I guess you are ok with a full term baby being painfully taken from the womb and that Men get pregnant or maybe there is just no gender..gee, that sounds logical!


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