Letter: ‘Alani and the Giant Kelp Elf’ Teaches Important Lessons


Gayle and Tom Joliet’s charming book, “Alani and the Giant Kelp Elf” (check it out) creates an enchanting tale that educates our children about the importance and value of the Laguna Bluebelt, a landmark achievement which created the Laguna Beach Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

This magical story inspires each of us to be mindful of our daily impacts to the ocean here in Laguna and offers us a chance to continue to lead by example as we find ways to reduce and eliminate secondary sewage discharges just offshore, as well as unnecessary dry weather urban runoff flowing to our protected marine and sea life areas.

Alani and Kelfie are wonderful role models for future generations. Through this book, young and old will come to understand the importance of community activism and the need to address global and local environmental problems. Thank you Gayle and Tom for your commitment to a safe and healthy ocean for us all.

Charlotte Masarik and Jinger Wallace, Laguna Bluebelt Coalition


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