Letter: As Regards the Sweetwater Project


I don’t take issue with the proposed development at the Sweetwater site. I take issue with its contemporary design. What is proposed would fit far better in Irvine. Not our Village by the Sea.

Why not consider a design like our Lumberyard on Forest? Or a craftsman style like the Montage? As a past resident of La Jolla in the 70’s and early 80’s, I watched a charming village turn into what is now an urban setting, basically ignoring its older charms. The Sweetwater project is another step towards a featureless, vanilla attempt to maximize square footage with no regard to our village character.

It’s not too late to consider a more fitting design. Something that makes one smile and better appreciate the charms of Laguna Beach.

Tom Berndt, Laguna Beach

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  1. I saw La Jolla also turn into that concrete, glass jungle. It totally lost its beachy charm and certainly list its simple Beach life vibe. You can still find bits and pieces left of that charm and that spirit in some spits but overall, it’s gone.
    Laguna is one of the last places on the southern coast that has maintained its great, Beachy, community vibe, its charm, its unique vistas.
    Seascapes to paint, sooooo much to be proud of and a huge reponsibility to preserve our historical landmarks, while keeping updated infrastructure. Soooooo, many times, it’s the little things like signs for business that create and kerp the continuity that conveys what Laguna is about.
    I go with a much less contemporary design and I’m in favor of a Craftsman design.
    Thank you for listening to my opinion
    I just love Laguna!❤


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