Letter: Assistance League Winner

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My old raffle ticket stub turned out to be a winner thanks to a Laguna Beach Assistance League volunteer. We had our workbench stacked up with things to donate and finally donated them last Saturday including a couple of purses of mine. Tucked away in a deep corner of one of the purses the volunteer found a gold necklace with little diamonds that I had assumed I had lost six or seven years ago. Also, tucked into that corner was an old raffle ticket stub with my name and my phone number. The volunteer called the number on the ticket and surprised me with the good news.

Well, I guess that raffle ticket turned out to be a winner after all, and I was so pleased to meet this wonderful person and to get my necklace back. It held special meaning to me being a Christmas gift from my husband Gene. It’s now a gift that I received twice and also a wonderful reminder of the kindness of strangers.

In the spirit of generosity and of the holiday season, please support Laguna Beach nonprofits including the Laguna Beach Assistance League. Although closed now due to the pandemic, the store will reopen soon. Call 949-494-5977 for more information.

Yours truly,

Johanna Felder, Laguna Beach

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