Letter: Be Careful What You Ask For


In response to Tom Papa’s letter to the editor on Nov. 12 entitled, “Bureaucratic Laguna Overlay Zone”. I agree with you in principle but am confused as to why a guest column by Gene Felder would translate into an unfriendly neighborhood. Do you trust our elected officials? Just recently, the council held an illegal closed-door session and then preceded to censure Councilmember George Weiss, orchestrated by Councilmember Peter Blake. Evidently, the City Attorney misled or misinterpreted the law and tried to spin the facts after. I guess the city doesn’t have a whistle-blower policy. As a Laguna Beach resident, I am calling for the resignation or firing of the City Attorney on the grounds that he failed to do his duty and in so doing, would have concealed information that should be public knowledge under the law had it not been for the disclosure of this meeting by Weiss and Councilmember Toni Iseman. Furthermore, the council should resend the censure of Weiss.

I would welcome a column by Felder. He presents facts which helps me decide how I will vote for the next council seat. If he is wrong, let’s see facts, not rhetoric, to contradict him. I went through the design review process which is why I voted for Blake as I thought some change may be a good thing. Now I know his agenda, his obnoxious, condescending personality, continuously putting down residents as liars. Should I trust him?

How about Sam Goldstein who thought he needed to publicly humiliate Felder. He obviously felt a need to make us all aware of his tax-deductible philanthropy. Comparing him to Donald Trump? What did he do with all that money he made when his personal and corporate taxes were reduced? Send it back to the IRS? Hypocrisy maybe? Of course, he referenced the two councilmembers who stand in his way. Should I trust his intentions for Laguna Beach? If he has a problem with a “dying, decaying city”, he has the option of moving. Who is he blaming for all the closed business? A pandemic maybe?

Should we empathize with Mohammad Honarkar who has had multiple permit violations on his project, continues to delay the reopening of the Hotel Laguna because he has personal and financial problems? Did he threaten the city with a lawsuit?

I would encourage and welcome a column by Felder and any other person who can keep me updated so that I can make an informed decision next time I get to vote. Be careful what you ask for Papa.

Gavin Jonas, Laguna Beach

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