Letter: Beating a Dead Horse


Liberate Laguna met in Larry Nokes conference room and as Mr. Nokes many other groups have in the past I am sure he will continue to be as gracious.

I will reiterate, while we were organizing our admin listed the address. We were asked to not use it and changed. Sorry this wasn’t more nefarious to fit your narrative.

While Larry didn’t prevail in this election there was a 5th person in the race who drew votes from Mr. Nokes.

I doubt if the people voting for Steve Dicterow would have voted for George Weiss who would not even attend a forum with local Republicans. George doesn’t seem to care about all the people only the clique who got him elected.

Obviously you are part of that clique. I assure you there are many of us in Laguna who do not subscribe to the viewpoint that “everything is alright”

When the final reports are done we will see who spent what on this election. Stand by.

Cindy Shopoff, Laguna Beach

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