Letter: Bring Back the Concerts to Bluebird Park


My husband and I moved to Laguna Beach eight years ago in August. One Sunday evening we decided to walk around the neighborhood. As we got closer to Bluebird Park around 6:45 p.m., we heard music…” Old man take a look at my life, I’m a lot like you” … We knew in an instant this was the music of Neil Young. We quickly walked into the park to investigate, where we saw the cover band. We also saw neighbors dancing and eating, children playing and people generally enjoying life at what appeared to be a free concert. Ever since that first lovely encounter we have rarely (except the COVID Summer) missed a concert in Bluebird Park. Every Sunday we pack a picnic, and our beach chairs and look forward to the evening in our neighborhood where we walk to the park and enjoy all different kinds of music with our neighbors in our community. These summer concerts in the park have become one of our most favorite and cherished things about living in Laguna. That is until this summer. The concert series did not happen (except for once), and we feel robbed of something very special. Will the concerts be coming back to Bluebird next summer?

Patti Cushing, Laguna Beach

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