Letter: Calling for City Council to Reject Village Entrance Proposal


We request the Laguna Beach City Council reject the Arts Commission’s Village Entrance Sculpture for the following reasons:

  1. Laguna’s taxpaying residents have been ignored. The overwhelming output by citizens has not been listened to by the Arts Commission. A project this big, this permanent, and this expensive should not be decided upon by only six individuals. Rather, the project should be put up for a vote for residents of Laguna Beach.
  2. In an attempt to be “forward thinking” the Arts Commission has completely ignored why millions of tourists descend on Laguna. As urbanization squeezes the inland empire, Laguna Beach is an endangered species of natural beauty. The hills, cliffs, coastline, parks and seashore all remain priceless in the midst of this encroachment. Would Yosemite be more welcoming with a “million dollar mushroom?” Many large cities, airports, including “downtown Dubai” have these artistic metal sculptures. This type of artwork does not seem well placed in the natural setting of our town. We ask the council to honor the geography of Laguna Beach and save the million dollar plus price tag to use the money elsewhere.
  3. Please consider using the artistic talent we have right in our own city and consider the possibility of a revolving art display making use of the talents of Laguna’s own artists.

James and Sondra Sieg, Laguna Beach


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  1. During Research I Have Done Regarding This Entrance-Art Project — I Have Found That The Best Representative-Sculpture At The Entrance To Our City Would Be A BIG PILE OF SHIT


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