Letter: Candidates on the Record for the Sales Tax


Finally, at the first candidate forum, we got to find out which candidates are for the 1-cent increase in your sales tax. Remember residents – this tax will be on any purchase you make in town, on any restaurant bill you have in town and on any goods you have shipped into town.  That includes Amazon and other internet or mail order purchases, a new refrigerator bought in another town and shipped to Laguna, your car purchase, car lease payments and any other item that comes into your Laguna home that you’ve bought elsewhere.

One of the candidates who want you to pay more tax is incumbent Toni Iseman. Small surprise, she wants more of your money – after all her many years on City Council she should be spending more wisely what the city already gets. Another City Hall insider is Sue Kempf, a Planning Commissioner, who figures the piggy bank is always open. She helped pass the new Village Entrance that has already ballooned in cost. She is comfortable with asking you to pay more instead of looking at the current budget (which has a surplus) and finding ways to fund projects with what they have. Sue Marie Connolly is also for the sales tax. As a retailer in town who will be hurt by this tax, the kindest thing to say is that she is just confused as a newcomer to budgeting.

Interesting that there is a large number of community groups who oppose this tax from all sides of the political spectrum.  Of the 10 candidates, only three support this tax, including both city hall insiders. What does that tell you? This is a bad idea and is an unnecessary tax on we the people.

Vote against Measure P – don’t let them pick your pockets. And vote against the candidates who want to just spend, spend, and spend your money.


Michèle Monda, Laguna Beach

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