Letter: Climate Actions Plans Should Address Crucial Issues


I would like to echo the remarks in the letter by Jon Light in last week’s issue. Policy-makers recognize that all the house-by-house individual decisions to reduce our carbon footprint will never bring about a sufficient reduction in CO2 emissions to meet the goals of the Paris accords and avoid climate catastrophe.

To accomplish that, it requires society-wide legislation, meaning City, county, state and federal action. It is encouraging that knowledgeable local elected officials such as Kathleen Treseder, Alex Rounaghi and Jose Castaneda have legislative action at the City level on their agenda. Residents should support them as much as possible, starting with insisting upon establishing and updating legally binding, time-definite Climate Actions Plans.

These must be comprehensive enough to address crucial issues appropriate for City implementation, such as urban tree canopies, permit reform, and electrification of all City vehicles and services.

Gary M. Stewart, Laguna Beach

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  1. To achieve “sufficient reduction in CO2 emissions to meet the goals of the Paris accords” with tree canopies and electrified city vehicles? Oh please. Instead require sitting mayors and council members to commute 1/2 their term by transit, foot, or bike. You can’t make good policy decisions about carbon footprint without first-hand experience.


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