Letter: Concerning Musings on the Coast


After a most welcome respite, Michael Ray is once again in the pages of The Indy (May 13) pummeling away on his favorite punching bag, Village Laguna.

If you must allow Ray to waste space endlessly repeating himself week after week, you might at least change the name of his column from “Musings …” to “Carping on the Coast.” It has nice alliteration and most accurately describes his rantings.

Paul Holmes, Laguna Beach

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  1. Dear Paul,

    I am asking ONE question: Why won’t Village Laguna debate? That is a fair question. They absolutely refuse to answer that question. Would you please take a crack at answering it.

  2. Michael Ray, you have exhausted all your poisonous vile against Village Laguna. To debate you would be listening to the same old record that has been heard countless times. A debate is only interesting when is among equals.


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