Letter: Concerning the Women’s March Rally


At the Women’s March rally at Main Beach on Saturday, I counted about 120 people, whose many signs consistently expressed views such as addressing climate change, preserving access to legal abortion, “RESIST,” supporting science, “Protect Kids, Not Guns,” images of Nancy Pelosi and AOC, and other messaging that would clearly fall into the realm of progressive policy positions.

I also counted six persons who were walking up and down the sidewalk with large, pink pro-Trump banners, the size and brightness of which were such that some passing motorists were probably misled into thinking it was a pro-Trump rally, which, by far, it was not.

This was a good example of how a minuscule but clever minority engages in methods to hijack and undermine the efforts of the overwhelming majority. Event planners, take notice.

Gary M. Stewart, Laguna Beach


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  1. “Highjack and undermine the efforts of the overwhelming majority” ??


    Let’s be honest here…

    The Womens’ March tried uniting under the “Reproductive rights” message, which is a total lie!

    It’s a Hate rally at its finest, and those 6 clever women who “highjacked” the event were WOMEN!

    This is a lesson of Intolerance.

    Event planners, take notice!

  2. This LTE made my morning, enjoyed a good laugh over coffee. The tide has turned and women who support President Trump and the great things he is doing for our country are not afraid to be vocal and stand up publicly. Strong educated women will not be silenced by the intolerant “Trump haters” left any longer. “Women’s” March my arse. Response LTE to follow.

  3. Can you say” Dinosaurs”, boys?
    Women are more than half of the population of this planet. Due to suppression, violence and fear, many, if not most, women have been oppressed and belittled for centuries. The tide is and will continue to turn. Congratulations to the progressive movement.

  4. Give me a break, the tide has already turned. Women have more rights in the US than any other country on earth, and full and equal protection under the law. There are more women in the workplace then men, and more and more women are now exceeding their male counterparts in income. There are women in the highest levels of government, the judiciary, legislative and executive branches. I have no doubt I will see a woman elected President in my lifetime, but hopefully not just because she is a woman, but because she is competent and qualified. I don’t feel suppressed, oppressed or belittled, and I refuse to continue the “I’m a victim because my great grandmother was a victim” game. Grow a backbone, stand up for yourself. This is not a “progressive” one party movement, it’s a movement of all women from all walks of life and political persuasion.

  5. Gary..so basically what you are saying is not all women should have a voice, by saying these women hijacked a women’s march, are you serious? This is a blatant sad writing here of division at it’s finest, which after all, that is what the women’s march is, to divide and separate. Sad Letter there Gary and I thought all you liberals were inclusive. Oh did they all wear pussy Hats so they could insult themselves? I heard by the way there were about only 50 women there..exaggeration what a gift.

  6. Jennifer, you write that “Women have more rights in the US than any other country on earth, and full and equal protection under the law.” Please list some of these.


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