Letter: Coordinating Caltrans


Is anyone from our City assigned to work to coordinate Caltrans work to keep us from being completely trapped in our City? If they are, please come forward for a public flogging. Caltrans has the heart of our City’s main artery reduced to two lanes to replace the culvert at Main Beach, I get it. So while they are doing that, they decide to repave PCH between Laguna and Newport, brilliant idea. On April 8, they closed off over three miles of the northbound lane of PCH from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. to repaint arrows and Nixle didn’t get around to mentioning it until 1 p.m. So once you tiptoe past the movie theater, you get to Emerald Bay and stop. It took me 50 minutes to get to Corona Del Mar that day.

This week, those same geniuses have closed a southbound lane in South Laguna prompting numerous Nixle alerts of very heavy traffic southbound while there is still construction northbound before you reach Newport Coast Drive. Caltrans is making Chris Christy look like a sophisticated traffic planner. I feel trapped in my own town and truly hope we don’t experience any kind of emergency where we need to evacuate.

Hoping for help,

Chris Farley, Laguna Beach

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