Letter: Deception Hurts City’s Integrity


Did you see the ad with Peter Blake standing between Fire Chief King and Police Chief Calvert, both in uniform, both with badges, endorsing Peter? At least, that’s what it looked like. By posing for such a photo, our chiefs are violating City rules. Guilty? No. They are not guilty of breaking the City law. 

Here’s what happened. Peter’s wife took the photo at a function a couple of months ago. Peter ran the ad without the permission of either the Police Chief or the Fire Chief. You can’t run someone’s picture in an ad without permission. Suspect more than half of you who saw it fell for the deception, thinking they were endorsing him. Peter just ranted that it wasn’t an endorsement, the word wasn’t in the ad. He knew what he was doing. The ad screams endorsement.

City Manager Shohreh Dupuis needed to tell Peter not to continue to run the ad. She could have shown some leadership and encouraged Blake to stop running the ad. He doesn’t listen to many, but he listens to her. The deception hurts the integrity of the City. Our rules are clear, never appear in uniform in a political ad. 

Shohreh Dupuis had a chance to show leadership and prove that she is up to the job. Instead of ending the deception, she just asked the chiefs if it was okay. By doing this, she didn’t protect them by telling them what a bad precedent it was. She and Peter placed them in a very awkward position. This was a confirmation of her lack of judgment.

And it says everything we need to know about Blake’s lack of integrity.

Toni Iseman, Laguna Beach Councilmember

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  1. Toni, are you for real? You’re seriously gonna school me on campaign ethics during an election year where you and Village Laguna/Laguna Residents First are engaged in the most ruthless and deceptive campaign imaginable? Lies on Q, lies supporting your preferred candidates, and lies against those of us who dare stand up to you and the rest of the authoritarians that have ruled Laguna with an iron fist since the 70’s. Slander, libel and character assassination are just part of your game. Intimidation and browbeating the city staff and appointees just come with the territory. Who do you think you’re kidding?

    Please spare us your self-righteous BS. Everyone knows what a corrupt and ruthless politician you are and have been for 24 years. With you finally gone, we’ll have an opportunity to move Laguna forward without your disingenuous and deceptive tactics.Since 2018 an entire generation have finally have been given a voice. No longer do the same old Council gadflies run the Council Chamber.

    Please move on already! You’re so past your sell by date. Quit embarrassing our community!

  2. Both the police chief and fire chief looked happy standing next to Peter. I’m pretty sure it is okay to use a picture you take. The problem you have had throughout your career is that you think you know the law, except when you break it in secret meetings with known problem maker Mark Fudge. If you are retiring, why not do it gracefully? This is an awful way to go out, kicking and screaming. Insulting our City Manager just because she didn’t give in to you trying to bully her seems unethical and rude. I wish you well, but I can’t say I’ll miss you as a Councilmember.


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