Letter: Developers’ Attack Ads Lack Truth

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Who is behind the expensive ads attacking Village Laguna? For one, the developer-backed Liberate Laguna. Why are they attempting to hurt Village Laguna? Because Village Laguna works to protect neighborhoods from over-development. For example, the proposed Cleo Street hotel project would exceed both our city’s current height limits and the number of hotel rooms allowed. Speak to neighbors of this project to see how it would impact them.

Why are lies permitted in their ads? Does not the media need to fact check proposed ads before they are published? In last week’s ad, Liberate Laguna claims that Village Laguna failed to file campaign expense forms in time, saying, “THAT’S AGAINST THE LAW.” Village Laguna actually filed its report nine days before the deadline, while Liberate Laguna was four days late with theirs. (Check city records!) What these respective reports show is very revealing. Developer-funded Liberate Laguna spent $152,832 to support their candidates and oppose others, while Village Laguna spent approximately one-tenth ($15,717) of that amount to advance the campaigns of candidates who were likely to agree with Village Laguna’s mission to preserve, enhance and celebrate the unique village character and cultural heritage of Laguna Beach.

If that mission is one you support, you can help by attending this Sunday’s Charm House Tour to see the diversity of architecture that we wish to celebrate in Laguna and/or by sending a donation to Village Laguna. Many people are doing just that, upset that Village Laguna is being falsely maligned by developers who have much to gain if the city’s ordinances are relaxed.

Know that Village Laguna members own and value property. Clearly, this controversy is about much more than property rights. It’s about the soul, identity, and future of Laguna Beach—all of which are endangered by the shadowy, deep-pockets developer interests backing Liberate Laguna.

Ginger Osborne, Laguna Beach

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  1. Ginger, how about all of the expensive ads you and Village Laguna bought to promote your precious Charm House Tour? For 47 years you failed to mention that monies raised go to fund your politicized agenda. You hid that Village Laguna is a Political Action Committee and attempted to disguise yourselves as a charity-minded group of residents that just want to stop developers. Hmmm.. You mean that you and the rest of your board, a vocal minority have engaged in activism that has created the archaic system that homeowners have to wade through in order to remodel or build a home. Property rights wiped out over decades of obstructionist policies that were laid down by your lapdogs at Design Review Board, Planning and Heritage, Undue influence by your cronies at City Hall. Well, it’s finally coming to an end and it’s obvious how distraught all of you are. Can’t write enough letters to the editor, can we?

    Keep blaming Liberate Laguna instead of blaming yourselves!



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