Letter: Did Councilman Blake’s Actions Violate Municipal Code?

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letters to the editorLaguna Beach Municipal City Code: Chapter 2.04.40 Disturbing City Council Meetings, states:

“Any member of the council or other persons using profane, vulgar or boisterous language or otherwise interrupting the meetings who refuses to be seated when ordered to do so by the mayor or the mayor pro tem shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.”

Councilman Blake, in my opinion, committed a misdemeanor when he, during the July 9 meeting, said in a loud, boisterous voice “You’re Lying!” or “Liars!” to some of the citizens attending the council meeting. This, in my view, constitutes a misdemeanor according to the above code. Both Mayor Whalen and mayor pro tem Dicterow abdicated their responsibility in this violation. Perhaps Councilman Blake has not studied the municipal code. If so, maybe he should have read the pertinent sections. Will the city attorney investigate this matter? I am not going to hold my breath until that happens.

Other, in my view, violations of the municipal code can be found in the following chapters:

Chapter 2.1 4.020 Responsibilities of Public Office:

The last sentence of the second paragraph titled “public officials” states:

“Public officials and employees are bound to observe in their official acts the highest standards of morality and to discharge faithfully the duties of their office regardless of personal consideration recognizing the conduct in both their official and private affairs should be above reproach.”

Clearly, calling citizens liars is not above reproach.

Chapter 2.1 4.040 Fair and Equal Treatment:

“Preferential consideration of the request or petition of any individual citizens or group of citizens shall not be given no person shall receive special advantages beyond that which are available to any other.”

As for equal treatment—calling one group with whom he disagrees liars, and then during a break shaking hands with those for whom the resolution favored, is not equal treatment.

There will be some citizens that will defend councilman’s Blake’s behavior, but I believe we all deserve better.

Chris Catsimanes, Laguna Beach

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  1. Chris, you keep posting but offer up no proof that the activists I refered to as liars, werent lying. I have the emails and their testimnony is on the City’s website. I vallue political free speach and consider it our greatest constitutional right. Lies that impugne one’s integrity or rights are not acceptable. Why dont you quit threatening and move forward with your ridiculous attempt to file misdemeanor charges against me? We both know that’s never going to happen.


  2. Peter Blake,
    I and many others Laguna locals really wish you’d stop wasting time reacting and responding to every letter or social media post that call you out for your boorish behavior. Instead, focus your energy on being proactive, rather than reactive. Pick up any good leadership book and you’ll quickly see that your Reactive leadership style is outdated, shortsighted and not nearly as effective and lasting as proactive leadership. You’re never too old to learn, and I truly hope you’ll learn that reactionary flaming, name calling, and interrupting at Council isn’t in your, or Laguna’s, best interest. Now, before you write a response and hit ‘send’, take a few minutes to do some serious research on the disadvantages of reactionary leadership, and learn a thing or two. You are in a position of leadership, and many who voted for you want to see you be effective. Good luck Peter.

  3. Chris, are you still upset with me for derailing your plans to block the flag from being on our police cars? You, Toni Iseman, and all of your left-wing friends couldnt muster up enough support for your agenda? If you want me to “stop wasting time reacting and responding to every letter or social media post” then why did you post yours? It’s because you know I’ll respond. I will “focus my energy” on making sure that when people like yourself post online, I will respond. Everytime! I dont need to read a book on leadership. I engage in it every hour of every day. Whatever I do at Council meetings must be in my interest because the majority of the votes in the last eight months have gone my way. You should feel comforted knowing that before I hit send and respond to you, I have considered your suggestion to “do some serious research on the disadvantages of reactionary leadership” Chris, your advice falls on deaf ears. I am effective and dont need your fake “good luck” wishes.


  4. “Nobody know more about leadership than Peter does.” Every hour of every day. Showing what a fine man he is, by calling people “left wing extremists,” “anti-American,” “cop-hating,” “hypocrites.” Sound like anyone else we know?

  5. And is it right to call out a fellow Council member who has nothing to do with this letter? You are a stain on this community, Peter. Put your big boy pants on and start behaving like a man – with some dignity.

  6. Sandy, I get a kick out of people like you. You make disparaging remarks towards others and then play the victim when confronted over your remarks.



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