Letter: Don’t Forget About Ukraine


It was exactly one year ago today that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops into Ukraine. Back then, most military experts predicted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wouldn’t last a week. How wrong they were. Five days ago, Zelensky welcomed President Joe Biden to Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital.

Here in Laguna, people of all political stripes came together last year several times to demonstrate their support for Ukraine. First, there was a gathering adjacent to City Hall. Second, there was a rally at Main Beach. And third, there was a $100,000 fundraiser at Laguna Art Museum. Now that the war is entering its second year, I expect friends and neighbors in Laguna will once again demonstrate their support for Ukraine.

Imagine waking up a year ago to find tanks rolling down Coast Highway, bombing the hospital and indiscriminately blowing up homes in North Laguna, Woods Cove and Top of the World. I dare say everyone in town would be in panic mode. This is precisely the kind of thing that happened on Feb. 24 last year in Ukraine. I will never forget it. My hope is Indy readers won’t, either.

Denny Freidenrich, Laguna Beach      

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