Letter: Help our town


I dream of summer days with my family spent by the beach I have watched my kids grow up on. We don’t have the luxury of vacationing outside of this beautiful town, but never really yearned to leave Laguna. Our beaches keep our family here as we commute out of the county for our jobs, and some leave for school. But now, I struggle to find what keeps us here as 23-year residents.

For the past couple of years, I have watched our beaches turn to nothing less than “trash “on any given summer day. This year has brought some of the worst crowds( mid-June, stay tuned!) I have ever seen. I am heartbroken. The only thing that was left in this city has now lost its beauty. We have allowed the tourists and day trippers to take over this entire community completely. I ask the mayor and council members what the vision for our city is? It seems lost, buried underneath stacks of useless paperwork for promenades and parking. When will the powers that be wake up and see that we are dying a slow death?

Revitalize our town to get some tourists who spend money on things besides ice cream and the occasional beach toy. They will come! Give us surveys about what we want changed in our town, what we want to see and need, not how you’re doing. Help businesses open that will help our economy aesthetically and economically. You need a task force with residents who love and respect this town to help it get back up. Enough is enough. Please save Laguna.

Jay Niederberger, Laguna Beach

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  1. You are 100% correct. I’m all for some of the respectful tourists, but these day trippers are not that.

    Since the city parking patrol that all get great pay, benefits, and 85% plus retirement for the rest of their lives won’t enforce the parking in town, the day trippers will continue to come and trash the town.

    Perhaps it is time to save money, cut expenses, and privatize the parking enforcement.

    Since none of the council members, with the exception or Orgill, actually have run businesses in town, they don’t care.

    They’d rather spend your money.


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