Letter: In Response to J.J.’s ‘Build the Parking, Make Tourists Pay’

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Let’s face it, the trolleys are for tourists. The current wisdom is that the trolleys keep tourists from parking downtown. Considering the number of tourists the city faces, I suspect the trolleys make little difference.

The merchants downtown benefit from the trolleys; however, it is the taxpayer who pays for them. Most of the $4 that each tourist costs the taxpayer goes to subsidize the trolley system. Perhaps it’s time for the local merchants to form an assessment district to pay for the trolleys.

Also, the trolleys have inland routes and many times are completely empty. I am not sure how this ever got started or how it could possibly be justified, but financially it is a disaster and should be eliminated.

Tourists need to pay their own way. Should we decide to keep the trolley system, it shouldn’t be free.

Go to city hall and ask for all the relevant data as to costs, rationale and ridership. J.J., have you checked this out at city hall?

George Orff, Laguna Beach

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  1. Agree George. Trolleys should not be free, subsidized by local residents. Even $.25 ride would go a long way towards making them self-supporting during the summer months.

  2. I totally agree with J.J.. The tourists should pay. This is a great solution to our problem.
    Don Romero, Laguna Beach


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