Letter: In Response to Monda’s ‘Common Sense’

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“The Mueller team had not one Republican in a position of authority while conducting their investigation. In fact, it was populated with people who were partisan Democrats and had contributed to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.” –Emil Monda, “Common Sense,” April 26, 2019

This is not only complete nonsense; it is demonstrably false. Robert Mueller is a lifelong Republican. The assistant Attorney General who appointed him and who has overseen the investigation is a lifelong Republican and a Trump appointee. The three Attorneys General who have been the titular people in the highest position overseeing this entire investigation as well as the FBI itself, are all Republicans and Trump appointees.

While it may not be possible to enumerate exactly how many Republicans served as investigators or lawyers on the team only because their political affiliations are their own private business, it is certainly false to state, as Mr. Monda does here, that the Mueller team had not one Republican in a position of authority.

This is exactly the type of false statement that Trump makes every day, and why he is so unfit for his office. It is just the kind of statement that TrumpNews (aka Fox) blasts all day long and people who watch nothing else believe to be true, when in fact the tiniest bit of actual thought or possibly inquiry would contradict this narrative.

It’s a shame that the Indy is providing a twice-monthly column to someone who is writing easily disprovable lies as facts, and thus degrading our local politics in the same way that Trump and his STATE TV have degraded our national politics.

Anne Cox, Laguna Beach

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  1. Anne Cox –

    CNN and MSNBC negative coverage of Trump is north of 90 percent. Meanwhile, their ratings are in a free fall as the general public is figuring out that they are fake news.

    What “State TV” are you imagining that Trump controls, exactly?

  2. Anne Cox-
    Curious that the only way to disagree with the facts of the Mueller investigation and the conclusion of no collusion that is the bulk of the column is to attack the statement of no Republicans on the team in a position of authority. YOU are wrong. He did not say Mueller, he said Mueller’s team. Out of the 16 publicly confirmed lawyers 13 are registered Democrats and 3 have no party affiliation. No Republicans. 9 have donated over $60K to Democrats but actually 11 donated but weren’t in FEC records. You need to read more carefully before you attack people.


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