Letter: In Response to Women’s March Letter

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We were perhaps 10 people, yes a nimble group. However we felt as if we were the silent majority. We were polite, although I felt the resist group was rude and bullying. They had no argument against Trump’s success as our president. They would instead attack us personally; they would step in front of us if we wanted to take a group picture. One lady thought she would intimidate us by saying, “I’m taking your picture,” (like a threat).

We were there for the Women’s March for Trump. We were there because we are not afraid. We met new Trump supporters in town walking by, an Iranian immigrant who loves what he has accomplished, her friend joined as well as other minorities who said that they are better off than they have ever been.

We had many honks, new friends and introductions. It was clear what side we were on and we had the success and awareness of the day.

India Hynes, Laguna Beach


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  1. I am quite amused at India Hynes Letter to the Editor posted January 30, 2020. At one point in India’s letter she writes, “One lady thought she would intimidate us by saying, “I’m taking your picture,” (like a threat).” India knowingly omits the fact that her leader, Jennifer Zeiter, was constantly videoing the Women’s March crowd with a GoPro camera as she paraded up and down the sidewalk pretending the Women’s March was a pro Trump rally in violation of Police instructions regarding keeping the side walk clear. Zeiter should know better to ignore police instructions because Jennifer claims to be a practicing lawyer.


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