Letter: In Support of Christoph, Iseman

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Rather than a long diatribe, I’ll keep this letter positive and short. I moved to Laguna Beach in 1987. I love and appreciate living here now as much as I did in ‘87. I give the former and current city council members as well as city agencies and their employees much of the credit for keeping Laguna great (imagine a green hat with the letters KLG.) Additionally, it is clearly apparent that some members of our community have an exceptionally strong bond with and love for our city demonstrated by their frequent participation in various civic activities that make Laguna a special place to live. All one needs to do to see actual evidence of this involvement is to look at photos in old and current issues of local publications. Who do you regularly see in group photos? None other than Ann Christoph and Toni Iseman – Ann a former council member and Toni a current long-serving council member. They have my vote in the upcoming election because I know they truly and selflessly care about Laguna.

Lenny Vincent, Laguna Beach

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  1. Out with the old and in with the new…VL really has every member writing a letter to the editor, with your huge pac/old ideas..mmm sounds like a Hillary campaign to me, full of lies, hate and $$$..What a great group to be part of..

  2. Well, Barbara, it appears you have directed your comment to me. So I’ll help you out. I am not a member of Village Laguna (although I think it is is comprised of a great group of caring people) and I have not donated any money to VL. I restrict my donations to national and international environmental causes. My letter made no mention of “ideas” and it contained no hate or lies. If Groucho were here, he would probably say that he would not want to be part of any group you were a member. But that’s Groucho. Cheers.

  3. Publicity or free food and wine you be the judge. My favorite pic is Iseman wearing white jeans on the beach for a staged beach clean up photo. Even if she did pick up trash I question the sanity of someone wearing white to collect dirty trash. Never seen either on the beach or downtown without a camera opportunity.

  4. I love our beautiful city. Toni Iseman has been part of preserving the character that distinguishes Laguna from much of the rest of OC and I will be voting to re-elect her.

    All the fear mongering and mob mentality is upsetting and inappropriate, and mirrors the ugly politics we are seeing nationwide emboldened by the poorest role model we’ve ever seen in the highest office. What really seems to have changed is that our loving, peaceful town is seeing an uprising of mean-spirited, entitled bullies. They don’t represent the Laguna I know.


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