Letter: Is it Moronic to Believe in American Traditions? 


The last person Congress needs is another divider. Last week Harley Rouda called 74 million Republicans, “Morons”; “The fact that 6 million more morons voted for this man is mind-boggling to me”. Instead of debating real issues, he resorts to the Democrats playbook of name calling… first racists, then homophobic and now… morons.

Is it moronic to believe in American traditions? 

  • Limited government and states’ rights
  • American exceptionalism and individualism
  • Capitalism instead of socialism and communism
  • Strong national defense
  • Free and protected speech
  • Second amendment rights to keep and bear arms
  • Belief in the constitution
  • Property rights
  • Lower taxes for the middle class
  • Low inflation
  • Energy security
  • Reduced gas tax
  • School choice for minorities and the poor in bad schools
  • 185 million people keeping their private healthcare
  • Support small business
  • Reducing the debt
  • Fair trade
  • Law and order
  • All lives matter
  • Stop policing the world

Just to mention a few of our American core values and assumptions—and the Democratic party calls us morons for believing in these issues—if believing in these American values makes be a moron, so be it. Rouda had two years in Congress, and nothing to show for it.

Enjoy your life that capitalism gave you, in that walled community compound at Emerald Bay.

John Fornaro, Laguna Beach


  1. To answer the headline’s question, yes, sometimes it is moronic to believe in American traditions… Much of the list reads like a children’s white-washed “history” cartoon…Medicare…Social Security…Our military, etc., etc., are all your dreaded “socialistic” programs…And we are, embarrassingly, the only major industrialized country without universal healthcare, largely because of the mentality demonstrated in this letter…The Second Amendment has been perverted beyond all recognition and/or purpose and should have been amended or abolished a LONG time ago…I dare anyone to read it and tell me they believe this absurd situation the 2nd Amendment has devolved to is not at all what the Founders envisioned…Some of the items on this list would be on a progressive’s list as well, and some are back to just simplistic and cartoonish.

  2. The point of my letter was for us to talk about issues and not name calling. We should all respect each other opinions and discuss them with maturity. We all arrive at our own opinions from our experiences. I have lived and spent most of my life in Canada and Italy. I left because of socialistic programs, lack of freedom, multiculturalism and liberalism. Over two million Canadians live in southern California and have left for the same reasons. Many of us have spent $500,000 for a LI or E2 visa. People are dying at our southern borders to live here. And millions of others around the world want to leave their socialistic, lack of freedom and government controlled countries to move to the US as well. Why would you want to duplicate other countries failures with socialistic programs? I don’t want our country to be run like the DMV. What you called white-wash is what motivates us immigrants to move here. God bless the greatest country in the world!!!!!

  3. John,
    It sounds from your values, especially ‘Reducing the Debt’ and ‘Energy Security’ that you voting Democrat would be more in alignment with your values. Republicans don’t get to own REDUCING THE DEBT. Look at the facts:
    Reagan took the deficit from 78. billion to 152.6 billion.
    George HW Bush took it to $255 billion
    Bill Clinton got it to zero – ending his term with $128 billion surplus
    George W. Bush bumped it back up to 1.41 trillion
    Barack Obama lowered it in half to $584.6 billion
    Trump doubled it back up to over 1 trillion.

    WRT ‘Energy Security” …
    In 2003, then-Lt. Gen. Jim Mattis, commander of the First Marine Expeditionary Force, proclaimed that future US military forces must “be unleashed from the tether of fuel.” The US Army later estimated that between 2003 and 2007, one in twenty-four fuel convoys ended in a US casualty, and attributed more than three thousand US military and DoD contractor deaths to fuel convoys in Iraq and Afghanistan during that time period.
    US troops know that clean energy technologies can reduce their need for fuel, extend their range and duration, and mitigate risks. Marines and soldiers have utilized solar backpacks and blankets to recharge the batteries powering their communications equipment. The army is investing in electrifying its vehicles and weapons systems to reduce refueling needs. And the US Navy has deployed hybrid drive ships to extend time at sea.
    Naval ships can be an easier target, too. In 2000, the USS Cole was attacked by al-Qaeda militants while refueling in a Yemeni port. As many as 17 sailors were killed. Gas-electric hybrid battleships require fewer stops and thus are safer. These ships have a greater operating range and can spend more time at sea.
    Vice-Admiral Dennis McGinn said “Deploying renewable energy on military installations increases the diversity of their energy portfolio and thereby creates more energy security and resilience. This in turn contributes directly to the installations’ mission effectiveness and assurance, especially in areas subject to power outages due to severe weather and natural disasters,”

    Democrats don’t call Republicans morons for believing in the issues you mentioned. They call Republicans morons who still believe in the Big Lie – that the election was stolen when Trump appointed judges found no widespread voter fraud. We think anyone is a moron that still supports the twice impeached presidential loser that empowered domestic terrorists to attack the capitol and attempt to overturn our Democracy.

    BTW ‘All Lives Matter’ implies that all lives are equally at risk, and they’re not. Countering ‘Black Lives Matter’ to ‘All Lives Matter’ is a demonstration of not actually understanding structural racism in the USA. Racism is so American, that when you protest it, people think that you are protesting America!

  4. The debt under Regan was to turn around the Carter recession. The debt was higher because of the Democrats who ran the house.
    Obama raised the debt the highest, and Clinton had a Republican Congress that controlled the spending.
    We are not a racist country, period!!! All you have to do was look at the opening Tokyo Olympics.
    The only country that had multiple blacks, Asians with white athletes was the US. Not France, England, Russia, Sweden, China or any other country. We are so racist that black people all over the world want to immigrate here. Why is that??? I’m an Immigrant myself. And the only racialism I see is the Democratic Party allowing black kids to fail in school. Biden put more black people in jail with his laws than any Republican. Democratic city mayors are doing nothing to stop Black people from being murdered daily. Democrats are allowing illegals immigrants in the
    Country which brings down wages of Black people. Black people have there own TV stations, black magazines, black awards, black congressional caucus all in the United States of America. What other country with Majority of white people have all those Black only outlets?
    All lives matter!!!

  5. You are so off base..you sound like a CNN commentator your so called illusionist comments are absolutely not fact and the big deal the fraudulent Presidential election, already proven it was fraud, Dem-Marxist party has been doing it for years, I mean who would vote for non-thinking, more spending and more taxes and more gov and more rules and regs and less freedom…no body with brains for sure. Ya thunk Biden won…hysterical

  6. Your Fox talking points aside, what I said was the so-called “American values” referred to in the letter are BS…They aren’t the reality and we are raised on those white-washed lies…That’s how we’ve ended as the huge embarrassment we currently are…I’ve seen enough of your posts, Barbara, to know that you’re the type that believes John Wayne movies accurately represent our history…Sadly, that naivete has this country in a downward spiral…Waving the flag is not “American values”…If you think, for example, that the 2nd Amendment is A-OK and has turned out exactly as the Founding Fathers anticipated you, and your nonsensical, fraudulent idea of “American values” are part of the problem…And, I have Canadian friends I communicate with almost every day who couldn’t disagree more with John’s letter and they constantly ask me WTF is wrong with our country…All I can do is show them posts like this to demonstrate what rational folks are up against here…

  7. “We are not a racist country” says white immigrant from Canada who apparently doesn’t know that black people did not have equal rights in this country for the first 200 years, and that our very founding fathers (George Washington and Thomas Jefferson) primary occupations were slave traders.

    If we can’t agree on that, why take anything else he says seriously?

  8. Billy Fried, My nationality is Italian, and I have olive skin. Less than 50% of Canada is white. So your comment would be racist. I never said racisms didn’t exist in the US. My comments are based on 2021. Your response is clearly a distraction to my comments.

  9. Marshall, I’ve sponsored 12 Canadians who live here, who agree with all my comments. Canadians only have government owned or liberal TV stations. All of them get CNN and MSNBC. Fox news was just recently added. Canadians who don’t live here only see liberal viewpoints. If America is so bad, why are their 2 million Canadians living in southern California. Yet, very few if any Americans moving to Canada. Only foolish Americans believe this is not the best country in the world!!!

  10. John and Barbara,
    Do you feel the work of creating “A More Perfect Union” in the US is complete?
    Have we done all we can to correct and heal the US ‘birth defects’ of genocide of the Native Americans and slavery of Africans? Especially, considering our own Supreme Court ruled in Dred Scott case of 1857 that black people could be owned as property?
    I’m old enough to remember “Colored” and “White” restrooms in restaurants in the South. Do you really think racism that deeply entrenched disappears in a generation or two?
    Why did hate crimes surge 20% under twice impeached Trump?
    America isn’t ‘Done” – we have a long ways to go, and liberal leaders have paved the way for the social growth that brought us closer to a more perfect union, like:
    Ending Slavery, (Lincoln and the Republican Party were Liberal) Women’s suffrage, ending child labor, the New Deal, Civil Rights, 40 hour week, worker safety laws, Public Education, Social Security, GI Bill, EPA, Peace Corps, Americans with Disabilities Act, Food Safety Laws, Truth in Advertising Laws, Product Labeling…and I’m sure there’s way more and even more to come. P.S. Jesus was also a liberal rabble rouser.


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