Letter: It is Only Going to Get Louder


I understand that a new chapter of the Liar’s Club is coming to Laguna Beach and already there so is much excitement to join that some folks are preparing to camp out to be the first 100.

It is amazing how many lies are perpetrated by our own locals and most of these belong to a group that has been in existence since 1971. Yes, it is true Charm House tours have not been able to redirect money to Village Laguna but how about the points being raised about how developers will destroy our views. Well how about the views they destroyed by their followers who planted eucalyptus trees and other tall vegetation in neighborhoods where the impact was up close and personal. In the 1990s a group of us joined and created the View Preservation and Restoration ordinance and worked for a fair process. At the end of almost 10 years, VL did not keep their hands out and some of the rules were watered down.

How about listing 400 homes with the California Office of Historic Preservation without saying a word to the owners of the property—legal issues abound now. Was that honest?

How about putting signs like Save Laguna on city property without permission. Is that honest The list goes on with their feeling of entitlement. Even Ruben Flores who is promising to run for city council again puts his goods on a public sidewalk to impede pedestrians.

Oh how about Ann Christoph’s literary litany on people painting their houses white. That seems to be reaching a little deep into personal choices, doesn’t it. Are they promising a bit of totalitarian rules if they get a majority in city council? I think so.

Of course, if you speak out against them be prepared to be slandered and their party gophers going around in their neighborhoods and tell telling lies about those who do not agree with them. It is only going to get louder. My ears are burning right now.

Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach

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  1. Ganka,
    Thanks! The voting residents also need to be made aware of the lawsuits filed against the City of Laguna Beach by Village Laguna , Preserve Orange County and their creations “LAGUNA BEACH HISTORIC PRESERVATION COALITION & HISTORIC ARCHITECTURE ALLIANCE “.
    I was on the Historic Preservation Task Force with 10 other Laguna residents including Ann Christoph. Our directions from the City Council was to make “it “,
    “ as voluntary as possible & incentive driven”! So after years of public input the City is being sued by Village Laguna for doing what the property owners want. I’m one of the founders of LagunaNeighbors.org go to it’s website to find out more.


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