Letter: Laguna Is a NIMBY Community

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In the aftermath of 2018’s general election and my frustration of our community’s inability to grow, I have made a list of ten major commercial properties in the city of Laguna Beach that have been totally remodeled or newly constructed over the past 20 years, of which three properties are owned by the city of Laguna Beach

If any reader of this letter knows of more approved major commercial projects over the past 20 years, please let me know at [email protected]

Montage Hotel – (2002 – new construction) – Nine years for approval due to three ballot measures to approve or defeat the project

Pottery Shack – (2007-2009) – remodel and adding offices, restaurant and parking

Heisler Building – (2006-2018 – remodel historic building) – nine years for the final approvals given in 2018

Suzi Q – (February 2009 – new construction – city owned property)

Presbyterian Church – (2009 – remodel and master plan)

FM Radio Station Building – (2012 – new construction)

The Ranch – (2014 – remodel project of entire site) Approval was given without dealing with the Coastal Commission, which caused multiple delays and fines for many years.

Mosun Chinese Restaurant – (2016 – total remodel – currently stopped work)

Festival of Arts (2018 – new facade – city owned property)

Village Entrance – (2018 – new construction happening – city owned property)


Sam Goldstein, Laguna Beach

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