Letter: LBUSD should reconsider pool size


As a Laguna Beach resident, I would like the Laguna Beach Unified School District’s actions and direction regarding the redevelopment of the high school aquatic facilities to address the actual needs of the high school and address and respond to residents’ concerns regarding the redevelopment.

The city has announced it will not be participating in this project. This decision eliminates city-sponsored programs and significantly reduces the number of individuals utilizing the high school facilities. Due to these factors, it is prudent for the LBUSD to direct staff to include in any further design work the previously proposed 35–38-meter competitive pool. A smaller pool will meet the routine needs of the high school, meet the competition needs for the student aquatic programs, reduce construction time, minimize the impact on the neighborhood, and reduce construction traffic congestion. As a bonus, a smaller pool will cost significantly less to build and maintain.

Since the pool will be a high school pool, not a high school/community pool, the LBUSD must reevaluate and adjust the needs assessment accordingly. Please reconsider the 35-38-meter pool design in the planning process.

Thank you for your consideration and willingness to include residents in future design workshops and committees.

Robin K. Hall, Laguna Beach

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