Letter: Learn about Abalone


Abalone will be the topic at 4 p.m. on May 30 at the Susi Q Community Center. Abalone has been a part of our history for over 10,000 years, first as food for indigenous Californians and later as a special treat for Laguna’s ocean community.

Ann Vileisis is an environmental historian and independent scholar. Her first book, “Discovering the Unknown Landscape: a History of America’s Wetlands,” won two national history awards from the American Historical Association and the American Society for Environmental History. Her second book, “Kitchen Literacy: How We Lost Knowledge of Where Food Comes from and Why We Need to Get It Back,” was recognized by Real Simple Magazine as one of “50 books that will change your life.” 

And her new work, “Abalone: The Remarkable History and Uncertain Future of California’s Iconic Shellfish,” has been called by Dr. Callum Roberts “a truly marvelous, unexpected joy of a book.”

Don’t miss out to learn more about Laguna’s wonderful iconic abalone.

Mike Beanan, Laguna Beach

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