Letter: Liberate Laguna Should Also Strive for Transparency

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I just went on Liberate Laguna’s website and the political action committee (PAC) has also become a nonprofit corporation. It says you can donate to either the nonprofit or the PAC. After all the complaints they filed against Village Laguna for its operating structure, they seem to be copying it.

The PAC will still be required to disclose contributions of more than $100 as it did in the last election cycle: Cindy Shopoff, Shopoff Realty Enterprises, $68,500; Michael and Leslie Ray, Sanderson J. Ray Development, $27,000; Mohammad Honarkar, 4G Wireless, $20,000; Samuel Goldstein, Radford Ventures, $20,000; and Chris Dornin, Dornin Investment Group, $10,000; as their major donors. Donations to the nonprofit may not be disclosed to the public.

The source of funding for their deceptive and often untrue mailers and full-page ads may remain in the dark. Is this the dark money they write about? Where is the transparency they seek from others?


Darrylin Girvin, Laguna Beach

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