Letter: Me, a Racist?

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letters to the editorIt seems that I was recently called a racist by school board member Jim Kelly, whose remarks were seconded by Carol Normandin, Peggy Wolff and Jan Vickers. They did not call me a racist by name—that would have left them open to slander. But it was me they were talking about. That’s what people do now when facts elude them or are inconvenient to their point of view—vilify the speaker with the grossest form of insult, the racist slur. This shuts down the conversation and they never have to answer the questions.

Mr. Kelly should not be calling people racist having been accused of racism at Menlo College when he was president. The San Mateo County Times reported in 2013 that Menlo College, under Mr. Kelly’s direction, was sued for racial discrimination, retaliation and unfair business practices. The lawsuit claimed that Mr. Kelly said Filipinos can be “more easily instructed and loyal than other employees.” The suit didn’t go to trial—it was settled under sealed terms rather than a public determination that he had not practiced workplace discrimination based on racial stereotyping.

I spoke at the July 16 school board meeting and questioned why the district was spending money translating two puff stories into Spanish for their glossy PR pamphlet instead of spending money on reinstating videotaping their meetings. I asked how many children that affects and said if students want to be successful in America, they need to speak English. My Latina daughter-in-law tells me all the time that she wishes her English was better. My grandchildren will be of Latin descent. My father taught ESL in San Diego when he retired. To call me a racist for questioning why they spent money recklessly instead of on what the community wants is absurd and, in my opinion, hate speech.


Michèle Monda, Laguna Beach

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  1. “If you can’t answer a man’s argument, all is not lost; you can still call him vile names.”
    — Elbert Hubbard
    Name Calling is a form of Ad Hominem attack, a propaganda technique.

  2. Why is one of the Laguna Beach Republican board members attacking elected school board members? Why are LB Republicans politicizing the school board?

  3. Racism has been fueled by this Presidents deplorable, hate mongoring. So Sad to see his supporters bring that vile behavior to Laguna Beach

  4. I am sorry this happened to Michele, I heard it was horrible and sorry what is happening to such a nice lady Dee..now I read that the school board has hired another attorney to defend their actions, of course that is our tax monies..they have the tax money so they can say and do whatever they want including calling you a racist, just like Sarah L here, using the word deplorable to remind us the Clinton Tactics are good and well in this present school board and good old Joe B here doesn’t even know what’s going on but attacking on a partisan level..yes, these are the people that condone what is going on. Shameful.


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