Letter: Michael Ray is Being Hypocritical

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In his column last week, Michael Ray left out important information as he was lobbing bombs at Village Laguna. The first is that not only is he a founding member of Liberate Laguna but he was their major donor this year. Interesting that he left out his affiliation while he was attacking Village Laguna. He donated $43,000 to this PAC, $15,000 more than the next highest founder/developer, Sam Goldstein, as reported in the latest obtainable filings. I’m sure more was spent and will come out when the next reporting period ends early next year. Altogether this PAC spent $99,000 in this election according to their 460 filing. Village Laguna spent $13,000. That is $2,000 less than the Laguna Beach Police Employees’ Association yet he doesn’t mention that.  So tell me – with an $86,000 difference how did David beat Goliath with their candidates? 

Ray says it’s because Village Laguna was uncivil and vicious. To me nothing was more vicious and uncivil than what his Liberate Laguna did to Steve Dicterow. The negative flyers, trotting out of irrelevant former mayors and a continual attack on someone’s character is about as low as you can go. Liberate Laguna also went low with Ruben Flores early on. They played to win and didn’t seem to care who they hurt in the process.

George Weiss beat their candidate on the issue of changing the look and feel of Laguna.  Village Laguna did not lie about Liberate Laguna’s agenda. They do indeed want to change Laguna to accommodate developer’s self-interests – otherwise why are three developers spending $99,000 (at least) in our small town to influence an election? I’m not affiliated with Village Laguna but when someone accuses others unfairly when in fact they are the ones doing the questionable behavior, well, that’s hypocritical.

Michèle Monda, Laguna Beach         

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  1. Dear Ms. Monda,
    Let me correct a few of your comments:

    1. I have never hid my affiliation with Liberate Laguna. In fact, I was the one who originally incorporated it.
    I did so as a counter-balance to Village Laguna (VL), which has terrorized this town for the last thirty years.

    2. Weiss won for two reasons: One: he and VL ran a coordinated campaign, which is illegal and will be reported to the FPPC as same. Two: every ad VL and its minions ran was a lie about Liberate Laguna—every single one. VL and George were liars, uncivil, detached from reality. They keep calling for a “civilized” city, yet run the dirtiest operation—for a small town—I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen plenty.

    As you for, well, you are a nobody.

    Michael Ray

  2. Michael Ray IS LIVING PROOF of Laguna Beach’s Official Motto: “The Secret To Being Miserable Is Having Enough Leisure Time”.

  3. Let me correct you Mr. Ray – I am a resident with a voice and a brain. I saw just how dirty your campaign against the opponents of your chosen candidate, Larry Nokes, got. Again, in your lovely response to me you are the very apogee of hypocracy calling out coordination. It was LL who ran a coordinated attack campaign with all your overwhelming dollars. I know – it’s hard to lose when you think you control the message and hence the voters. No where in your column did you mention that you are the biggest contributor to LL, that you founded it or that you are affiliated with LL. Where’s your honesty when you’re attacking and accusing another group of attacking YOU??


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