Letter: Much Ado about Nothing

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I read with much amusement in the June 28 Indy, Village Laguna crowing about their $1,000 scholarship donation to a graduating senior this year. This is an organization that touts itself as being charitable and they use their considerable Charm House Tour money to support those charities, or so they say. Annualizing their income from 2012 to 2016, they bring in an average of almost $35,000. Most of this income, 76 percent of it, goes to political purposes.

So, while they may preen and congratulate themselves on being charitable, is $1,000 really all that they gave for a scholarship? Looking at the rest of the scholarships—Ten Boys Good Sportsman Scholarship was $3,000. Imagine how hard they had to work for that money. Heck, the Garden Club gave away $4,500. So, while Village Laguna will tell you they are all about charitable organizations (their tax filings state that), this once again shows they are all about the politics and window dressing.

Christopher Kling, Laguna Beach

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