Letter: Museum Hotel and Community Psychology

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Perhaps community psychology doesn’t have time for stacked problems or naysayers on NextDoor? Maybe, in a world of its own, it has time for examining and leveraging our community’s strengths through our citizens’ combined intellect?

The upgrading of a community through home and business owners isn’t a given, it’s carefully curated through the fabric of all, each and every one of us, even visitors. And if you are so fortunate to live in these great United States of America, let alone this stunningly beautiful oceanside town of Laguna Beach, don’t we have every reason to roll up our sleeves to make it better and welcome visitors whom grace us with their presence?

It’s imagined that the Museum Hotel and the retail shops will bring many wonderful community level benefits and events. Suggest them. Participate in them. Host them. Invite people to them. Be part of the solution. It’s up to you.

Ask not what Laguna Beach can do for you, ask what you can do for Laguna Beach.


Shelly Bennecke, Laguna Beach


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