Letter: New Police Cruisers are Ugly

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The new black and white police cruisers with huge flags on the side are just plain ugly. Our police chief says they are “traditional.” We have never been a traditional town and the white cars with giant blue letters spelling “POLICE” much better reflect our unique tradition of loving art, the ocean, our canyons filled with wildlife, our fabulous summer festivals and our main value of being an open and friendly society. As far as tradition goes, Chicago hasn’t had black and white police cruisers since the late 1950s, and New York city with 35,000 cops has white cars with blue trim, the same as Chicago, and they look good. I liked our white and blue trimmed police cars.

Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

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  1. I think they look great. Apparently so does the majority of our residents. It’s about time the minority does not make decisions for the rest of this.

  2. Roger Carter does not support the police chief and officers and is criticizing others artwork, these are not the values and feelings of the majority of residents. Plain and simple they are more visible in our community and easier for visitors, kids and residents to spot.

  3. Rainbow flags posted next to The Amercan Flag on a building that once hosted a long-defunct business and that continues to actively host nihilistic globalist/socialist political rallies is ugly. With all the bums and illegal aliens that have happilly invaded town, I’m willing to bet that you would All scream to High Heaven for the “ugly” cruisers to roll up, the second a “misunderstood” meth-head tries breaking into your home. You should contact the LBPD and donate to their Employee Assoc. right now.

  4. Roger Carter –

    Would you prefer the police cruisers maybe have picture of Che on the side, or Bob Marley, or maybe the guy on the Zig Zags package?

    Or, there is always unicorns. Unicorns are all the rage these days. No one would feel excluded if they put unicorns on the cruisers instead of the American flag.

    And I totally get your concern about putting the word “POLICE” on the side of a police cruiser. How square. How not “Woke”. Maybe the handcuffs should be replaced as well out of something made out of hemp, by vegans at a commune.

    And guns! My gawd, aren’t there already enough guns out there on the street? And now we’ve got to have our police carry guns too? When will it end?


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