Letter: Noisy City


One unique service the Police Department is pursuing is to ticket noisy cars that come into our city. We have enough noise, especially for those living close to businesses, and certainly dont need any more so I support this effort. However, it is not just visitors that drive noisy souped up cars. Many folks have told me that despite living in the higher areas of the city, some of their neighbors have also adjusted their exhaust system to be loud and annoying, especially during certain times of the day. It is not just young kids doing this to their cars, there are middle-aged and older folks doing this as well. As one person I know told me it is so cool to hear that noise from my car”. Really? Is it cool? I thought if you had a smooth, sleek sounding car it showed class and consideration for neighbors and friends, especially if there are young children who need their naps or even us older folks who also need our naps or are recovering from an illness. I dont know if it is worth while for police to drive up in upper parts of Laguna and catch some of these cars, but I hope people start to think about noise and after all what is the point in adjusting the exhaust system for noise?

We are a unique city that does not allow smoking in public places and I certainly appreciate that we do this, especially when I am in other towns and cities. What are your thoughts about having less car noise?

Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach

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  1. Sooner or later, that noisy car has to come down the hill. Then hopefully it will be cited. I have written in this column on this issue. A citation is issued only by chance. An officer has to be very near a noisy vehicle in order to cite. My solution is to post a motorcycle officer in one place so he can discreetly monitor the vehicles. Especially on Saturday mornings when multiple noisy vehicles are cruising north from San Clemente. Dana Point has also been forced to monitor for the noise.


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