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I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Weil about the importance of reading in his letter to the editor of Sept. 17. While it appears that he has read reports of Malibu’s Measure R, it seems that a close reading of the Laguna Residents First Ballot Initiative didn’t occur. It is well worth reading… and, supporting.

Rather than looking as far away as Malibu for comparable initiatives, we Laguna voters need look no further than our neighboring cities—Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and Dana Point—for similar initiatives to Laguna’s. Why did our three neighboring cities find it necessary to pass initiatives to provide their residents with the right to vote on Big Mac developments? Well, because their city council majorities were voting them in despite the will or input of the residents. In fact, the Dana Point City Council rushed through approval of those large box developments overhanging PCH just days before the residents’ ballot measure took effect.  The people may have voted for a voice and control, but the Dana Point City Council squeaked those concrete boxes through at the very last minute. How’s that for representation of their voters?

Deborah Laughton, Laguna Beach

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  1. Deborah Laughton is the wife of Councilman George Weiss, who co-founded Laguna Residents First, which wrote the proposed initiative. I remain baffled as to why the Indy keeps failing to note this information.

  2. Mr. Quilter –

    I too am baffled, we have both mentioned it numerous times over the past few months. Unfortunately I feel it is to deaf ears as the Independent is in bed with Village Laguna and Laguna Residents First.


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