Letter: Orange County Coast Alert


Oct. 3, 2021 will go down as the worst oil rig disaster in the history of Orange County It is being spinned as an oil spill, but it was a broken pipe from one of the Elly Offshore Oil Rigs off Huntington Beach with oil gushing out and it is not yet contained.

NBC and other news media have attempted to contact the Elly oil rig but they didn’t answer.

I lobbied for ocean protection in Washington D.C. and wrote the National Ocean Protection Act in my kitchen and Congress passed it: No new offshore oil rigs off the entire coast of the United States.

Now, with aging rigs looming danger off our coast, it is time to dismantle these old rigs to stop another disaster. Our beautiful coast has now experienced oil on our beaches and birds and crabs and dolphins and fish washing up.

As Past President of Orange County Save Our Shores (SOS), I know the ropes. We have to act in a powerful way now!

Beth Leeds, Laguna Beach

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  1. Beth, Beth, Beth. Calm down your pearl clutching rant. Off shore drilling has NOTHING to do with an idiot ship captain who screwed up his anchor. Accidents happen even to the holier than thou Lagunatics who have an ALERT for breakfast.

  2. Yes, right. These trust funded non profit poseurs will never wake up to seeing Laguna as a properous town instead of their pet project.


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