Letter: Part of Laguna’s Thin Blue Line


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Clean Water Now (CWN) gives a big shout out and Marine Corps “Oorah!” to our Marine Safety brothers and sisters.

All of the attention by media seems focused upon first responders and essentials, we get that, but there are unsung heroes like our guards doing lots more than their usual share or historical role requires. CWN feels that our guards deserve meritorious accolades because they too are “essential,” and have been pressed into the equivalent of double duty: Lifeguards and de facto police officers.

Presently, in Phase 1 of our recovery, they’re serving as part of the proverbial “thin blue line,” between order and chaos. Disorderly protestors and others wishing to circumvent mandated closures represent real potential physical threats to these relatively young men and women.

CWN also hopes that our guards don’t wind up with a stained or tainted image as a result of being stuck in the middle of these numerous, edgy confrontations.

I went down to my neighborhood strand, Victoria Beach, on the first day or partial reopening, May 5. Except for the usual knuckleheads that let their dogs off of their leashes—a chronic problem at Victoria—who got stern warnings, these personnel kept people moving, in observance of the constantly changing guidelines, the government’s COVID-19 pandemic response and evolving strategies.

Everyone please add our Marine Safety Department to your thoughts and prayers!

Roger Bütow, Laguna Beach

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