Letter: Pavilion is the Wrong Project for Village Entrance

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I invite Laguna readers of the Indy to take a close look at this project. It’s the wrong project in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Consider some of the issues:

Maintenance: Who pays for maintenance—the city or the arts commission?

Personnel: As this venue will need to be scheduled, who will be responsible for paying a scheduler? Do we get yet another city employee with pension and other benefits?

Access: Will the pavilions be closed at night and fenced off to prevent the homeless from having access? As the pavilions are at least partially enclosed, how does the city prevent criminal activity?

Restrooms: Does the city clean and maintain the restrooms? How can/will they be integrated into an open structure?

Police: What are additional burdens placed on law enforcement? Who pays for this? Law enforcement is already stretched pretty thin.

Permanence: Once built, the pavilions will be difficult and costly to remove. It will also be difficult for the city to admit they made a mistake.

Use: Do we really need another venue to attract even more tourists than we currently have?

I understand that the Arts Commission may pay some of these costs. The city seems anxious to green light this project, and Laguna residents have had little input. If you are concerned, let your City Council members know how you feel. There is a petition making the rounds in Laguna opposing this project—sign it. Lastly, it is my understanding that this is on the agenda for the Sept. 24 city council meeting. Go. If you don’t go, don’t complain if this gets approved!

George Orff, Laguna Beach

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