Letter: Plastic Takeaway Bags at Local Restaurants

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letters to the editorWe finally banned the bag in grocery stores so why are local restaurants still putting to-go food in plastic bags? And why aren’t we bringing our reusable bags with us when we grab and go? I dine out often and every time I do, I am struck by all the plastic bags heading out the door. And, why am I still seeing people buy single-use plastic water bottles by the case? We have clean water coming out of the tap. I have lived for too long under the illusion that everything I put in the “recycle” container gets magically recycled. It does not. We all know what plastic is doing to our oceans and the life contained in them. Reusable water bottles and bags are a no-brainer. Let’s do the right thing and decrease the wasteful plastic consumption.

Tracy Keys, Laguna Beach


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  1. Some reasons: externalized true costs, goods are too cheap, cultural behavior, ignorance, indifference.
    Solution: Ecology education in grade schools, seniors are suck in cultural bias unwilling to change.
    Where are the social ecologists and their comments?


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