Letter: Please, No More Attack Letters From Felder or Goldstein


Regarding the Laguna Residents First ballot initiative, I haven’t decided whether I will support it or not, but I can tell you this: I’m tired of the attack letters between Gene Felder and Sam Goldstein, two people I’ve known for years. How many more insults must voters endure before these two lay down their arms (figuratively speaking)?

I realize Goldstein and Felder look at the world differently, but enough is enough. If you have to revert to slamming each other’s imperfections, instead of arguing the merits of your differences, then I suggest you both walk away from your keyboards now. And, on the off chance the Indy receives more attack letters from Felder about Goldstein or visa versa, I would urge the paper to respectfully decline to publish them.

Goldstein and Felder are both smart and successful. It’s time they put an end to their insulting war of words. I wonder which one of them will be the first to declare a truce?

Denny Freidenrich, Laguna Beach  

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