Letter: Proposed Pavilion Inappropriate for Village Entrance

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I can’t find enough words to express my objection to the proposed Village Entrance Pavilion. I’m someone who has been involved in the arts community for many years. I was a board member for Community Arts Project for several years. I’m a member of LOCA, FOA, LAM, Laguna Beach Live and many other nonprofit organizations. I also support the arts community outside of Laguna.

But suffice it to say that I think this pavilion is totally inappropriate for this proposed location for oh so many reasons that many others have noted.

Just because the artist is a world renowned, award-winning designer, doesn’t mean that we need to use this piece if it’s not appropriate for the space. If the Arts Commission is determined to erect this huge piece, it should be mandatory for it to be staked first so that all can get a feel for its enormity. I’d much rather see something more in keeping to the natural beauty that surrounds the Village Entrance, and if you must use this extremely expensive pavilion, put it at one of the schools or parks.

Trudy Josephson, Laguna Beach

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