Letter: Put the Needs of Students and Teachers Ahead of Politics


Education is the epitome of community love. From Kindergarten to high school it’s where we put party and politics aside and expect the best for our kids. We celebrate student events and successes, teachers, families and schools, and greet each other with warm welcomes at every event, despite politics.

COVID-19 certainly changed that, especially the political landscape. Politics has infiltrated our lives in every facet, including education, and sadly, even PTA.

Politics has a role in education sure, but has no place in our local education. We are community-funded and should be community first. The firsthand experiences I’ve had of people putting politics over our students’ and teachers’ needs will change the Laguna vibe forever if we let it.

Two years ago, the uninformed voters and Democratic Party allowed Jan Vickers to ride the coat tails of Kelly Osborne, for school board. Osborne’s victory based on merit, Vickers, already recalled once, who knows? I ran with no party preference, vote Democratic and without soliciting, received GOP endorsement. A true bipartisan candidate. A successful campaign, we exposed truth.

Since then, our secondary schools did not open as predicted. Data shows 532 students departed from July 2020 thru January 2022, more data requested. Now the recently-hired district spokeswoman has resigned. That speaks volumes.

Data also shows dropping test scores, escalating legal costs, administration increases, and exorbitant superintendent salary increase of 72% since his original hire. He was board president Carol Normandin’s hire. It’s good that Normandin isn’t running for reelection.

I’m asked why I’m not running again. The “haters” expected it and were possibly lying-in wait with fabricated false narratives trying to undermine what was a wildly successful past year in my role as PTA President. Speculation on my part? Maybe.

The behind-the-scenes efforts to minimize the successes of PTA, several great new student empowering programs, parent community connection events, 120% membership growth tells me otherwise. The vibe and tone of the parent and teacher community supporting the grassroots movement empower standing up for our kids and schools and what is right instead of what is easy. There is still a real fear of retaliation from the status quo top administration.

I’m not running because I believe it would take away the energy of where we really need to focus. Empowering the community with facts and unveiling the truth. That is where the hard work needs to happen. As a fellow parent said, “Sheri you are a “s— stirrer.” I responded, “No, I am a fact-finder”. Perspective is everything and this community deserves the truth. That is where I know I will be most effective.

Sheri Morgan, Laguna Beach

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