Letter: Questioning Councilman’s Involvement with Village Entrance, Downtown Specific Plan

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Since Councilman Peter Blake owns property across the street from the Village Entrance project, we were surprised when he participated in the recent vote on the next phase (Sept. 24, 2019, Item #10).

He has also been attending the recent Planning Commission hearings on the Downtown Specific Plan, sometimes sitting with staff and speaking directly to the commissioners after the public hearing has been closed.

We request that Mayor Bob Whalen check with the city attorney and find out what degree of participation is appropriate for him as both a councilmember and a private citizen and then provide that information to us and, if necessary, to Councilman Blake. 

Arnold and Bonnie Hano, Laguna Beach


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  1. I agree. I was recently notified by Mayor Whalen (cc City Manager and City Attorney) that Councilman Blake will not be voting on the DSP changes. It is appropriate that he recuse himself. He has been seen meeting with Commissioner Jorg Dublin prior to a public meeting on the DSP and speaking publicly to support changes that promote development and ultimately may benefit him personally. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Hano’s for pointing this issue out to LB residents.


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