Letter: Rebuttal to Anne Cox’s Letter

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I read with some dismay Anne Cox’s attack on me and my column concerning the Mueller Report. So, a quick rebuttal. She correctly quotes me as saying the Mueller team has no Republicans in a position of authority, but ignores the word “team” to concentrate on Mueller and Rosenstein. The 17-member team that Mueller appointed consists of:

  • 14 Democrats
  • Three party-unaffiliated individuals
  • No Republicans
  • 12 Democratic donors (one is also a Republican donor)
  • Two Hillary Clinton donors
  • And one person who reportedly attended Clinton’s victory party in NYC
  • According to the Federal Election Commission as of May 18, 2018, this group donated $65,657 to Democrats in federal elections. One also donated $2,750 to Republicans in federal elections.

I will let the reader decide whether this matters. When Mueller first appointed these people, I thought perhaps this was a brilliant move because if this heavily Democrat-leaning investigative team finds no collusion and no obstruction, then surely the country will breathe a sigh of relief and move on. After all, shouldn’t we be relieved if not happy that our president isn’t a Russian agent? Ms. Cox has a different objective in mind, which she states in her closing sentence.

“It’s a shame that the Indy is providing a twice-monthly column to someone who is writing easily disprovable lies as facts, and thus degrading our local politics in the same way that Trump and his STATE TV have degraded our national politics.”

So, she wants the Indy to shut down anyone with opinions with which she disagrees. Why? I wish she had read my first column on “Diversity of Thought.”

Emil Monda, Laguna Beach


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  1. Great rebuttal Emil, as usual that is the truth..Thank you Indy for allowing an opposite view to the left leaning and obviously ticked off Hillary voter, I am so thankful she is not the president. So tired of lies and false statements.


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