Letter: Recall Lessons


On Sept. 14, Californians resoundingly beat back a specious power grab for control of not just our state’s governorship, but potentially the U.S. Senate. Gov. Gavin Newsom won 62% of the vote in 2018, and as it stands, he has nearly 63% of Californians voting no on this recall. The fact that it was such a resounding no tells us that Californians have a sense of fair play—and that locally and happily there is indeed a new Orange County. But this recall election should never have taken place. It is high time for a change in the rules of our California recall process.   These outdated rules allowed a costly and time-consuming election when there are so many other pressing problems to be solved.

It is ludicrous that the losers of an election can attempt to overthrow leadership just because they don’t like the outcome and see a shortcut to seizing power. Our recall process must include at minimum a substantive reason and a greater percentage of the voting public to support recalling an elected official. As our 300-plus members of the Laguna Beach Democratic Club breathe a collective sigh of relief and relish this victory to uphold our democracy, we will add overhauling the recall process to the long list of vital tasks we will seek to accomplish. Now, on to the work at hand!

(The Laguna Beach Democratic Club is entering its 75th year of uninterrupted engagement supporting Democratic candidates, causes, and values. It welcomes the community to its free monthly informational and actionable meetings.)

For more information about the Laguna Beach Democratic Club go to thelbdems.com.

Gwen McNallan, Laguna Beach

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  1. I’m one of those breathing a sigh of relief. If you hate the governor, grit your teeth and wait until the next election cycle to vote him out. What a colossal waste of money and time!


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