Letter: Recycling Food Waste


In Thursdays Los Angeles Times and in subsequent publications – I read that the State of California is going big time to grapple with waste, recycling, and reusing by making it a law that we dispose of food waste in the green barrels” or barrels designated for vegetation which in turn will be processed with yard clippings, etc. rather than being just dumped in the landfill.

This will create fuel, save the landfills that are under tremendous pressure with all sorts of things as most people dont pay attention to what the lid says on each container. I know many people have already been doing this. If your garden waste is being disposed of your gardener – ask them if they dump it in a landfill – if they do perhaps it is time to take assume responsibility for it and use the bins provided by Waste Management or call them for one if you dont have one (they are free).

Lets work together and help reduce the impact of climate change and other issues we are currently facing globally. Every little bit will help. Thanks for reading this; am sure you can get more info if you look up on the internet. Maybe this will bring Laguna Beach citizens closer and working together – instead of this continued conversation over some issues which is splitting this town.

Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach

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